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Selecting the right bed

Our bed frame assortment features an array of styles, from ornate and traditional to simple and practical. Consider the following guidelines and definitions when shopping for your perfect bed.

Selection Tips

  • Allow 2' or 3' feet on both sides of the bed for safety.
  • For bedrooms with a lower ceiling, opt for a platform bed.
  • For bedrooms with a 10' or higher ceiling, try a four-poster or canopy bed.
  • Do you prefer a classic style? Consider a sleigh frame.
  • If you're short on floor space, choose a storage bed or bunk beds.
  • Accessorize with pillows and bedding to add your personal touch of style.

Bed Styles


Features a post at each corner of the frame extending 4' or higher above the mattress. The posts support a decorative fabric cover draped overhead, creating a canopy.


Designed like a sofa with a headboard and footboard that create the appearance of arms. Holds a twin-size mattress.

Four poster

Like a canopy, a four-posted bed frame has a tall post in each corner. But the signature difference is that this frame doesn't include a support for draping fabric across the top.


Features a rectangular, horizontal frame that's raised 1' or more off the ground. The frame also has flexible wooden slats designed to support a mattress and eliminate the need for a box spring.


nspired by 19th century designs, featuring a scrolled headboard and footboard that resemble the shape of a sleigh.

Storage bed

Designed with drawers along the frame's base for storage options.


Usually features two beds — one twin and one a little smaller with wheels to slide beneath the twin size for saving space.

Bunk beds

This frame is made with one bed stacked on top of the other. Perfect for rooms with limited floor space.