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Selecting the right mattress

Did you know? Insufficient rest can affect your mood, concentration and health. A good night's sleep depends on a comfortable mattress, so it's important to choose the right one. Use our guide to learn tips, compare sizes and more, and soon you'll be catching zzz's on a great new mattress, rest assured.

Selection Tips

  • Think about the mattress size you need — how many people will be sleeping on it?
  • Take into account your bedroom size and available floor space.
  • Choose the comfort level of your mattress, which usually ranges from extra plush to extra firm.

Mattress Sizes

Twin (39x75")

Made with the minimal amount of width needed to comfortably accommodate one child or one adult. Most commonly used in children's or guest rooms for bunk beds, daybeds, trundles or hideaways.

Twin extra long (39x80")

Features an extra 5" in length to better accommodate taller adults. The most common mattress size used in college dorms.

Full (54x75")

Also known as a "double," it's the smallest size to consider for two people and ideal for one person. A good option for a guest room or a child's step-up mattress.

Full extra long (54x80")

Like a full-size mattress, but made with an extra 5" in length to better accommodate taller adults.

Queen (60x80")

Today's most popular mattress size for two main reasons. One, it provides a bigger, more comfortable sleeping area for 2 adults than a full-size mattress. And two, it saves more bedroom space than a king size. Use with standard or queen-size pillows.

King (76x80")

The widest bed available, offering the most room for 2 adults. Remember to measure doorways before attempting to bring home a king-size mattress. Use with 3 standard or 2 king-size pillows.

California king (72x84")

Also known as a "western king," this size is great for taller adults, offering less width and more length than a regular king size mattress. Use with 3 standard or 2 king-size pillows.

Comfort Level Selection

Firm/extra firm

Made with dense materials and a more tightly quilted surface to create a firm feel. Offering optimal support, it's recommended for stomach or back sleepers.

Cushion/luxury firm

With slightly more "give" than regular firm and more support than plush for a comfortable balance. Great for couples with preferences at opposite ends of the comfort scale.

Plush/ultra plush

Considered the middle ground in today's scale of mattress comfort. Featuring an extra 1-4" of layered material for a more resilient surface. Recommended for side sleepers


Usually the softest mattress in our selection. Features separately sewn padding attached to the surface for extra cushioning. Recommended for side sleepers.

Euro top

The European version of a pillow-top mattress, featuring a smooth top and squared edges.